Here is some brand backstory and purpose to help everyone get a better idea of what it means to be friends with the devil.


Why “Friends with the Devil”?

There are multiple reasons why I named the brand Friends with the Devil, I’ll sum it up for you, so just give me a second before any of you tell me I’m going to hell lmao


  • I wanted to create a catchy name that sort of resembled the type of relationship I had with one of my best friends who really influenced me to start this brand and really branch out and constantly evolve
  • Its anime themed, and watching anime you notice a common theme where characters start off weak and as nobody important. But with the help of their friends and sometimes “demonic” powers, they're able to use it for good and reach a level far beyond everyone else's expectations
Now let’s talk about me

Hi, my name is Byron, I’m the creator of Friends with the Devil. I started this brand because I wanted to combine the things I love the most, going to the gym and watching anime. Both of these things have a very special place in my heart. They really help me out in tough times, and I want to share that feeling to anyone who needs it. I want to motivate people not to just get by, but give it their all! To go beyond and surpass their limits!